Chiropractic adjustments Chiropractic adjustments - Adjustments help to restore the normal motion to the spine and extremities. This helps to decrease inflammation, pain, degeneration, and future injuries you may have.  Dr. Barnett-Wolk offers both traditional manual adjusting techniques and instrumental adjusting using state-of-the-art PulStar computerized technology.



Soft Tissue Therapy Soft Tissue Therapy - Soft tissue therapy works on trigger points in specific muscles. Trigger points are localized areas of muscle that are hyperirritable. They are a common source of pain, not only in the effected muscle but also in other areas. This is known as referred pain. Trigger point therapy can be somewhat painful but the positive effects are a decrease in pain and an increase in muscle tension.

Electric Muscle StimulationElectric Muscle Stimulation - This therapy involves low-level electric stimulation impulses delivered to painful or injured tissue. It is often described by patients as a pleasant tingling sensation. Electric muscle stimulation helps to relax muscle spasms and reduce pain by releases natural painkillers known as endorphins.


Ultrasound Ultrasound - Therapeutic ultrasound is a procedure that utilizes sound waves to treat injured muscles, joints, and soft tissues. The sound waves vibrate the tissues back and forth, creating a deep, micro-massage effect. Ultrasound helps to decrease joint stiffness, muscle spasms, and also helps to decrease inflammation. The sound waves also help speed up the healing process by stimulating the cells responsible for cell and tissue repair. Ultrasound is often used on bursitis, tendonitis, sprains/strains, plantar fasciitis and nerve entrapments.

Nutritional counseling/supplementsNutritional counseling/supplements - Dietary advice is available in order to aid in the healing process or for general health purposes. Quality pharmaceutical grade supplements are on stock from Herbalogica.


Rehabilitation Rehabilitation - Rehabilitative exercises are important in maintaining and preventing further exacerbation of musculoskeletal problems. They also help to maintain proper spinal health. Rehabilitative exercises will be incorporated into some treatment plans.

Ergonomics/proper posture trainingErgonomics/proper posture training- The position your body is in whether at work, playing sports, standing, or even just watching TV plays a crucial role in your health.


Webster Technique- This chiropractic technique helps to correct sacral misalignment, balance pelvic muscles and ligaments which in turn removes torsion to the woman’s uterus, its resulting constraint to the baby, and allows the baby to get into the best possible position for birth